Time to Relax…


Just what the doctor ordered!  A deep tissue massage.  Aria has released the Thalassa massage table along with some decor items for you to have just that.

The massage table comes in either a PG or an adult version, with lots of animations and the ability to change the texture of the wood and the leather.


Here is a close up of the oils, towels and hot stones, which are incredibly realistic.  Other towels shown on the first picture. The land impact for all these items is fairly low.  You can find the massage table at this month’s round of The Men’s Department.


Thalassa Massage Table – Aria @ The Men’s Dept.
Hot Stones, Oil & Towels – Aria @ The Men’s Dept
Oolong Teacup Planter Succulent Plant – Tropical RARE – Aria {June 2013 Arcade}
Oolong Teacup Planter Iris Mint – Aria – {June 2013 Arcade}
Cell Phone – Aria
Deborah Plant – Aria
Toronto Bathroom Carpet – Bazar
Gaia Standing Mirror – Aria
Nova Collection / Wall Shelf – Commoner

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