Seafood Buffet

Seafood 4

The buffet tables are ready.  Each set out with some mouthwatering seafood platters.  I hope someone is hungry.

Aphrodite Shops has released these scrumptious buffet tables full of seafood and I do mean it literally, they are scrumptious!  These tables have seafood platters that are just overwhelming delicious in how they look.

Seafood 1

The “Silver Seahorse” seafood buffet combo contains two tables full of animated food.  The two tables rezzed out is about 84 prims, so for some people who don’t have the prims to spare this can be a little high.  Though the good news is that you can always remove a platter or two and switch out.  These tables are so easy to work with in my opinion.

Seafood 2

I can visualize a nice intimate dinner for two using some of these platters as the main course.  There is an oysters platter and there is this long standing myth that oysters have aphrodisiac properties. Just saying.

Seafood 5

Grabs a few shrimp and continues to write her credits.



*”Silver Seahorse” Seafood Buffet Combo – Aphrodite Shops 


Khoi Yao Noi Palm – Bahia Tiki




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