Hitting the bike trail…

Bike Riding - 14

I tried to convince Draco to let me be the one holding the map, cause we know how some men can be challenged with directions.  Though I must say we didn’t get lost —  then again we were not very far from home.   Like we haven’t even left the parking lot.

Bike Riding - 21

While we stopped for a moment to admire the scenery and catch our breaths I couldn’t resist getting a picture.  It was sort of a joke between us.  I take lots of pictures in-world and many never make it on this blog.  It’s really hard for me to remain idle and often when doing things and we’re chatting away I’m positioning the camera and snapping away.    He’s grown tolerant of this or I hope he has. He’s given me a special name as a result, so now as a joke I get to pulling out my camera every chance I get and tell him to say cheese!

Bike Riding - 16

These picnic bikes are the latest release from Aphrodite Shops, which have single and couple poses. The bikes have picnic boxes with food and drink.  You also get a wearable version with AO to ride.  We tried all the poses and they were all quite cute, some adjustments to be made due to our heights, though that is a fairly easy thing to do.

Bike Riding - 15

There are three color sets of bikes.  I only picture the pink and blue picnic bikes. The other not pictured is the “Casanova” male picnic bike that comes with sandwiches, wine glasses and a chocolate type wine.  You could say for a little romance along the trail.

Bike Riding - 5

You also get a menu controlled fire and an animated picnic log.  We had a little rest as you can see while the deer grazed nearby.

Bike Riding - 8 (2)

Looking at those hamburgers remind me that I haven’t had one in such a long time.  I’m suddenly hungry.


*Picnic Bikes – Aphrodite Shops
Landscaping – Happy Mood {First 4 pictures}
Enchanted Woods – Studio Skye
Red Deer Herd – Sweet Revolutions {previous 30L Saturday}

Hair – Magika – Reading in Black
Tank -!gO! – Tank Top White
Pants – TonkTastic – B52 Pants
Shoes – Reign – Petal Hoppers White w/ Slink Flat Feet
Watch – Le Primitif – Leather Kiti_Watch C-Leopard



2 thoughts on “Hitting the bike trail…

    1. spunknbrains

      Thank you Cao! 😀 I love fantasy.. though I can’t escape reality.. it hits me in the face quite often to remind me!

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