4th of July Goodies…


In  a few days all over America people will be celebrating Independence Day, most commonly referred and known as the “4th of July.”  My family celebrates with the typical barbecue Mexican style with other well loved American dishes.  Instead of burgers and hot dogs, we will have fajitas, chicken and sausage, rice, potato salad and a few other dishes.


To help you celebrate in-world Aphrodite Shops has released some nice goodies for you to have your own 4th of July party.   The mega party set includes the two tables full of food, from chicken wings, hot dogs, hamburgers and other yummy food.   There is an array of desserts to choose from such as puddings, cookies and fruit cups.  All mouth watering.


All food is animated and dispenses on touch.  The set comes with several lanterns for decoration.


Other items available is the buckets of beer on ice that dispenses on touch a bottle of beer.  The other item that I am showing is the 4th of July picnic bike that has poses, comes with the log that also has single and couple poses with a fire.  If you’re more into the beach scene, this nice beach towel set with a bucket of ice cream pops and parasol is for you.


May you have a wonderful Independence Day.


*4th of July Party Mega Set – Aphrodite Shops 
*4th of July American Picnic Bike – Aphrodite Shops
*4th of July Beer Buckets – Aphrodite Shops
*Summer Time 4th July Beach Towel Set  – Aphrodite Shops
Oak Mature Summer Trees – Heart Garden Center
Field Grass – Frog’s Garden
Shrub Large Green – We’re Closed
Picket Fence – The Domineaux Effect
Sculpted Sand Dune – Thickbrick Sleaford


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