I want that one…

Donut Blog 2

The Atelier Kreslo Donut Festival began today and here are just more goodies that you can find there.   The festival runs from July 13 to July 27.


Love Soul – Hair*138 Jet Black
Joley Spring Maxi Dress – Baby Pie

Apple Falls Glazed Donut w/ Piping
Henry Haystack’s Meow
Flo’s S’Mores Donut
Sway’s Bee
Sway’s Chick
Sway’s Kitty
Henry Haystack’s Cavity
Flo’s Watermelleh Donut
Hyasynth’s Choco Birdonut
Hyasynth’s Fruity Birdonut
Hyasynth’s Sunny Birdonut
Hyasynth’s Mint Choco Birdonut
Hyasynth’s Berry Birdonut

I am Still Bunny Girl – Ionic @ The Chapter Four
I am Still Bunny Boy – Ionic @ The Chapter Four
Coffee Mug Shelf – Hideki {May The Chapter Four}
Bar Counter – Hideki – {May The Chapter Four}
Industrial Cafe Stools – Hideki {May The Chapter Four}
Garden Party Bird Cage – Cheeky Pea & Pilot
Ivy Branches – {taken from a decor item}

Pose – Label Motion – Jewelry Pose 2 {Modified w/ Animare HUD}

Atelier Kreslo Donut Festival

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