Giving comfort…

008 Hug The Inner Child

I find myself  awake too early.  It’s happening too often lately and I’m a girl used to at least eight hours of sleep.  I know it doesn’t help when I reach for my iPad.  Though it does help to distract my mind from overthinking stuff that causes the fretful night of sleep to begin with.

Flipping through flip board reading the news doesn’t hold my attention for long.  It’s always doom and gloom.  I rather peruse the blogosphere, both second life and non.  I even played 2048.  A new game I downloaded yesterday after learning several of my family members were competing against each other to reach the higher score.  It’s  a numeric puzzle game.  I just wanted to see what captivates my siblings.

I had no intention of blogging this picture that I took Sunday.  My plans were to retake in a different setting, but I was fixing the pose from Tiny Gems that was intended for a bigger child.  The only way I could make it work was to find a surface lil me could stand on.

Though it seems to fit my mood.

Credits to be posted later.

Updated to provide credits:

Hair – +elua+ – Tricia Black
Top – Leri Miles Designs – Frances Blouse Paisley Seafoam
Capris – Leri Miles Designs – My Carpis Lemon

Hair – Love Soul- Hair*138* Jet Black
Dress – LVS Kids – Spring Day Out Dress
Socks – BABY – Florina Socks {part of Florina Dress Outfit}
Shoes – {s.o} – Mary Janes Brown Leather

Padre Island Home – L2 Studio
Deconstructed Sofa & Side Table – Cheeky Pea
Basset Hound – MeshtakesWereMade
Linen Rug Neutral – We’re Closed
Dinner Table/Chairs – LAQ Decor
Little Wall of Tiles – Tatty Soup {store closed}
Apothecary Chest – Floorplan
Team Time Tins – Apple Fall {a previous arcade}
Ceramic Bottles – Apple Fall
Koke Bonsai – #Null
Weathered Mirror – Zigana
Spring Living Roses RARE – Tres Blah {a previous Arcade}
Summertide Mirror – Art Dummy
Repurposed Wheel Light – Junk
Palmerston Wall Hanging Sorbet – Theosophy

Pose: Gotcha. ❤ by Tiny Gems

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