Oh no…


Amusing myself this morning with my child alt with this Wonderland Party – the Red Queen Set that I picked up from Kalopsia at the Gallery Gift Shop, which is celebrating an anniversary.  Lots of great stuff to be had and lots of hunt gifts as well.

I laugh at myself when I am doing these pictures, because it reminds me a little of what I do remember of my childhood.  Often times its antics like this my family reminds me of.   To date I turned out to be an alright person.  Bites my tongue and bites Draco’s too, he might think different.

Hair – Love Soul – Hair *138* Jet Black
Dress – Baby Pie – Baby Summer Maxi Pastel Blue

Wonderland Party – The Red Queen Set @ Gallery Gift Shop
Dog – Birdy & Alchemy – Frenchies Animated Pets {Chapter Four in June}
Grass – TUFF
Rocks & Tree (in background) – Happy Mood

Edited to include pose. 

Pose: Fear  – ‘NSA’ off MP {edited with Animare}

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