Birthday Cakes by Aphrodite


I’ve always been a bit spoiled when it comes to the birthday cakes I have had growing up at home. They were always big sheet cakes and then when I turned sixteen it was a big tiered cake. The newest birthday cakes from Aphrodite Shops remind me of those cakes I had growing up.  They are not only very pretty and festive, but comes with several features that will make the experience memorable.


The celebration cakes featured here both come with a working fountain with sound and candles that turn on and off so you can get the experience of blowing the candles.  The cake dispenses several different flavors of cake slices for you to enjoy.  The cakes even plays the traditional “Happy Birthday” song when you click on the  base.  Another item for you to celebrate with is the champagne that is offered not only as a display and decor item {golden bucket with champagne on ice}, but also as stand alone bottles. They both dispense a glass of champagne.


*Musical “Rainbow” Happy Birthday Cake – Aphrodite Shops
*Musical “Queen of Roses” Happy Birthday Cake – Aphrodite Shops
*Premium Champagne Bottle & Romantic Scene – Aphrodite Shops

*Review Copies

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