Still of the night.



I was in the mood a couple of nights ago to throw something together with some of my recent finds. Experimenting with lighting, a nice little tip that my friend Draco taught me.  Though I had a heck of a time trying to get the bicycle wheels to show and not fade out as I drew the camera back to get a bigger size of the room.  I had most of my settings as usual, so no idea what the issue was.

Despite the little bit of troubles I was rather pleased with the outcome and decided I would post it today.


VaCaTiOn 01 House – {iD}
Headlight Track Lights – Stockholm & Lima @ The Mens Department (TMD)
Bicycle Wheels – Stockholm & Lima @ TMD
Heart Marquee – Seven
Barlet Rug One – Junk @ TMD
Spotlight – Oyasumi – TMD
Desert Floor Plants (Blue & Red) – Kalopsia @ Olive Event
Crate Books Chair – Kalopsia @ TMD
Round Coffee Table & Coffee Cup – Kalopsia @ TMD
Ladder Wall Lamp – Kalopsia @ TMD
Mesh Antique Books – Dutchie
Brown Book – Dutchie
Banjo. Warm Days – Zigana {June Arcade}
Castaway Map – Cheeky Pea
Found Twig Mobile – Lark {previous Neighborhood}
Breakfast Plate – Oyasumi @ Kustom9
Metal Cup/Silver – Oyasumi @ Kustom9
Coffee Maker – Oyasumi @ Kustom9

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