Just a tad bit early…

welcome autumn

I know we still have just under a month before the Autumn season is officially here.  For many this means the falling and changing of the leaves to the vibrant colors of red, yellow and orange.  I live in the part of Florida where the landscape stays green all year round.


The Fall for us Floridians down south of Orlando just means the oppressive heat of the summer months is a bit more pleasant as the temperatures aren’t as hot and humid.  It also means you won’t break out in a sweat the moment you walk out the door.

So here I am welcoming the Fall season a bit early.   By the way the use of Fall is used interchangeably with Autumn for us folks here in the United States.


Hair – Argrace – Sakura Black
Dress – Valentina E. Couture – Gillian Dress True Blue {just passed Dreaming Tree weekend item}
Hat – [NM] Atelier – Coppola {The Blue Hunt for men}
Shoes – Baiastice – Oxford Shoes w/ Socks Blue
Teeth – PXL – Open Mouth

Poses: Camera Set from Luxury Poses


Grass Patch – TUFF
Grass Sculpt SR – Serenah Raynier
4 Mix Maple Tree – Quark Fallen {old subscriber gift}
Wooden Fence – Frog’s Garden
3 Large Pines – 7 Pasangs to the South {free on MP}
Mountain Landscape – Kyara Lilliehook
Mesh Terrain – RMD Studio

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