Bit by the gacha bug…


This picture I am blaming on Draco.  He feeds my addiction to gacha machines. ❤ There we were indulging my desire to go to Fantasy Gacha Carnival, which is still running until tomorrow.   I was set only on just grabbing a few things, primarily a pirate costume.  Then as were walking along the shopping path he sends me something.. a cool necklace he said.  I thanked him and gave him a smirky smile when he tells me he’s only played three times and basically all for me.  It makes me melt a little, but I won’t ever tell him that.

I tried on the necklace and it’s absolutely lovely.   Then you know how we women get curious so I had to look at the rest of the set and thought how could I have missed it.  Of course now I want the rest of the items.  I didn’t play it then as it was terribly lagging for me and we left. Several days later after an ample amount of times to get the staff I gave up.   I resorted to trying to trade instead, which proved to be vain.  I went back and luckily I didn’t empty out my pocket book before I got the staff in the same color.

The animated butterflies are absolutely cute and I will probably use in different ways.  The necklace is priceless without saying and while I don’t have much use for the other stuff other than a great picture and an occasional wear with other costumes, it’s sort of nice to have the complete set.

Gracias Draco… es tu culpa amor por hacerme jugar con una adicción para conseguir la ultra rare staff.   Short translation – it’s Draco’s fault.


Crown, necklace, staff and animated butterflies – Enfante Terrible Creations @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Hair – Argrace – Kaede Black *New*
Dress – R2 Fashion – Suzuya Silver & Black {from May Collabor88}

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