Aria at the Arcade

014 Aria

Let the countdown begin!  Observing the arcade chat from time to time there is some eager anticipation and the excitement seems to be building up.  Many are waiting and hoping that they will be one of the lucky ones to click in the right moment and gain access into the Arcade when the doors open. Those who were terribly eager took advantage of the early access passes that were being offered to the general public.  Unfortunately, the twenty $5,000 linden passes are sold out.  

Here are some goodies from ARIA that will be available at the Arcade.  It is the Gretchen cozy corner set in an Autumn theme.   The set  has a total of 17 pieces, three are rare and only 50L per play. The chair is rare and is texture change in several nice colors with animations for single and PG couple cuddles.  All items are materials enabled and low land impact.  Items are modifiable and transfer.  In the picture I increased the size of the picture frames and the vases on the floor.


*Gretchen Cozy Corner Set – ARIA @ The September Arcade {link posted soon} {Edited to post link}
*Curtain – Aria – Verna Curtain

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