Aracne Pearls…


I tried focusing on playing with the settings and trying new wind lights with this picture. Except my hard drive starts working overtime when I click the button to use shadows, not to mention it also slows me down terribly and makes it harder to take the picture.  Maybe one day I will really hunker down and start to learn all the tools and tricks to using the photo tools that are part of the Firestorm Viewer with hopes for a great shot and not over tax my system.   While I love learning new things I have this thing about having to do too much work in Second Life for something that’s supposed to be just fun.

Though I can’t discount that I really enjoy taking pictures and learning new angles, lighting and even the editing to improve the picture to a desired effect.  It sometimes gives me the urge to begin taking pictures in real life… though it means I will probably have to invest in a new camera.  My over used Nikon D60 isn’t as fast as it once was and I like being able to click without having too much of a delay.


Today I am showing this set of exclusive jewels from Terra d’ombrA, which are one of my favorites of the new releases.  The whole set is just magnificent and I totally loved wearing it with this gorgeous dress from Distorted Dreams.   I’m also trying out a new skin and hair that I found at this round of the Dressing Room.


* ARACNE Pearl Tiara – Terra d’ombrA @ The Jewelry Fair
* ARACNE Necklace, Bracelets, Ring and Earrings – Terra d’ombrA @ The Jewelry Fair
Skin – *YS & YS* – Abby Skin Dark @ The Dressing Room Fusion
Hair – LoQ’ue – Tarasun @ The Dressing Room Fusion
Dress – Distorted Dreams – Clio Gown Darkness Rare {previous Totally Top Shelf Event}

Pose – *pon-04* by Pomponne

*Review Copies.

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