Horse Auction


I’m doing a second post today just to share a nice experience.  One of my Aussie friends who breeds horses invited me to attend an auction where a couple of her horses were being auctioned off. Considering that I might never have that opportunity again I said sure why not and had her teleport me.  I wasn’t sure what to expect upon arrival, but the place was surrounded by horses.  Some were standing on top of what looked like big drums and others were behind wooden fences.


Now I’ve seen her horses before and they’re pretty realistic compared to other breed-able horses I’ve seen in-world.  She even tried once to gift me one, though I had to decline as I didn’t have the room and honestly the time and effort to take care of a horse you have to feed.   That #19 in the picture above is one of her horses that she was auctioning off.


Unfortunately, I took this third picture towards the end and a lot of the people that were there had already exited either with their winning horse or were ones that had auctioned off their own horses near the beginning.  It was sort of neat seeing something different like this and see people just having fun.


It was a good thing that I had not replenished my lindens prior to.  Otherwise, I might have just gone home with one of these beauties.



4 thoughts on “Horse Auction

  1. thanks for comin along, one day I’ll get you a pretty pet horse you can keep in your inventory and not have to worry about feeding or having it ever die on you 😉

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