Good & Evil


The dichotomy of good and evil has always been an interesting subject and I can safely say it dates as far back to the age of the bible.  I don’t plan to talk about morals or religion as that is a personal thing that I try never to debate unless it’s with people who will accept your difference of thoughts, beliefs and opinions and can still smile at you after the conversation.  I will say this.  Personally, I think the relevance lies in the seed of both good and evil that exists inside each of us.  It’s definitely a balancing act when it comes to choosing which one will win.

It’s only mid morning and its dark and raining here — so this picture feels perfect for the overcast day we’re having.


Skin – Lumae – Delphine Tone 6 Cookie {past Lazy Sunday}
Teeth – PXL – Mouth Open Addon v7.1
Eyes – {Song} – Anim Silver Eye @ Kustom9
Face Tattoo – Madrid Solo – Eyes & Lips Lust Eyes Only
Face Tattoo – C h a r y – Raven Makeup Dots/beak line @ The Secret Affair
Body Tattoo – [kharma] – Lace Tattoo
Hands – Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands Relaxed
Pauldrons – PFC – Raven Pauldron @ The Secret Affair
Hair – +Spellbound+ – Suspiria Jet Black
Headpiece – C h a r y – Nevermore Headpiece Silver
Corset – Junbug – Madame Corbeau’s Corsette Ultrarare  @ The Secret Affair
Skirt – Junbug – Flowing Skirt Ink
Ring – Reign – Chamber Rings Chev (silver) @ The Secret Affair
Ring – [Whatever] – Nevermore Ring Red

Enchanted Woods – Studio Skye
Scary Grass Plain – Capo Freenote
Holy & Satan Crow – May’s Soul @ The Secret Affair

Pose – Moa by Expressive Poses @ Free at Marketplace {modified with Animare}

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