ARIA @ Consensual

Aria Torino

There is a new event in town.  Consensual ~ furnished for the adult.  It has a nice ring to it.  I went over yesterday when it opened for a quick look and there is a lot of goodies to be found.  Items are available in the adult version at 30% discount or entire sets at 40% off the normal price.  It’s the first round of this event and ARIA is participating with the Torino bathroom set.

The set features an animated bathtub, sink and toilet, which can be used by two avatars.  The items include single and couple animations, texture change, rezzable and auto-attach props that all add up to give you a realistic experience.  There are a few decorative items to complete the set as shown in the picture. The total impact if you use everything in the set is 43 land impact.

The event will only run through October 5th.

* Torino Bathroom Set – ARIA @ Consensual
Nina Faux Sheep Skin Rug – ARIA
Daphne Wall Flutter – ARIA
Floor Towel – Mud Honey
Claryon Curtains Cream – The Loft

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