You had me from hello.


It’s pretty late here and I should be in bed already, though I am wide awake and feeling a state of uneasiness that I can’t precisely explain.  Though before I start to rattle off my thoughts I first want to mention this stone arch, falling leaves, stones and well from Kalopsia.  They will be available at the Mystic Realms Faire that officially opens on Friday, October 1oth.  It’s a lovely set that will compliment many landscape settings.  The hair that I am wearing is called Sancia and is from Damselfy and also going to be at the faire as well as what I am wearing from OrsiniRed.   The names of all the items are provided in the credits below.

For whatever reason or maybe for reasons I don’t want to even touch in my head I’ve been listening to Keney Chesney’s song, “You Had Me From Hello” for the last two nights.  I don’t listen to country music all that much anymore, even if it’s a genre that I flip to from time to time.  Though this song is one that I have liked ever since I first listened to it – everything from the lyrics to the tone of the music.  Maybe because it reminds of a time months ago when I reached out to a complete stranger and my life took a different turn, even if my first words were not actually hello.

On another note I don’t often toot my own horn and find myself a little on the uneasy side when publicly recognized and given praise for something I might have done.  Though lets face it receiving a compliment or a recognition still makes us feel good inside.  When I first began to blog it was about exploring my interest to write and to document my journey in Second Life even if I had no idea what it would be.  I was just enjoying the wonderment of this crazy virtual world and it was all a big wonder for a girl who had never even played a video game.  Over time I have evolved into a fashion and a home decor blogger and generally a photographer of sorts.  So as a blogger every time I get a new follower it gives me a good feeling and motivates me to do even better, so thank you to each and everyone of you that stops and reads or looks at my photos.

I strayed away from where I started with not tooting my own horn, and where I was going with that was just exactly that.  Toot.  A couple of days ago I received an email in my Flickr that one of my pictures had been selected for a group cover photo, see Magical World.  I didn’t think of it as a big deal and this would be the first time I’m even mentioning it to anyone or the fact that this would be my second photo selected for a group cover.  Yep, I’m modest that way.   The previous photo was one that I took disco dancing and was selected as the cover photo for the group [CIRCA], which was recently replaced with a new cover photo.

Here is a bit of coincidence that I’ll leave my last thoughts on.  As I was just thinking of how long this journey would last considering that my wonderment has diminished, especially in the last several weeks I took a glance at my profile to see when I actually started.  That day was January 8, 2011 and the day I reached out to a total stranger was this year on January 8th.


Skin – Lumae – Delphine : 6 – Cookie
*Hair – Damselfy – Sancia @ Mystic Realms Faire
Top – OrsiniRed – Give Me Love Top in Blush @ Mystic Realms Faire
Skirt – OrsiniRed – Give Me Love Skirt in Blush @ Mystic Realms Faire
Crown – OrsiniRed – Give Me Love Crown Gold/Blush @ Mystic Realms Faire


*Stone Arch – Kalopsia @ Mystic Realms Faire
*Flying Leaves (Green) – Kalopsia @ Mystic Realms Faire
*Flying Leaves (Orange) – Kalopsia @ Mystic Realms Faire
*Well Forest – Kalopsia @ Mystic Realms Faire
*Pile of Stones – Kalopsia @ Mystic Realms Faire
Sweet Garden Grass 07 – Happy Mood
Sweet Garden Grass 05 – Happy Mood
Woodland Weed – Two Moon Gardens
Flying Paper – Kalopsia
Pose: Lakshmi by Infiniti {modified/made transparent}
*Review copies.
Landmark to Mystic Realms Faire will be posted upon the event opening.

2 thoughts on “You had me from hello.

  1. purplebutterflylykin

    Funny enough sis, that song is exactly the song I placed in my profile nearly 48 hours ago for someone very special. So few people can evoke that instant reaction so it is always important to appreciate the importance when someone has the ability to make you smile, right from the hello.

    Congrats on the recognition. It is the rewards from hard work and continual self improvement with your photography here inside SecondLife.

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