I won’t give up.


Today I thought that due to circumstance that made me process things differently that I had reached a definitive decision with a certain situation in my life.  Just as I was gathering my thoughts by writing them out — there was a song that I came across last night that was still sitting in my browser window to listen to.   As the song “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz finished I just picked the next one down the line.

Now over the years I’ve learned to be more in tune to things in my life and one of the things that has been very prevalent in my life are signs that come almost without any asking. Obviously, saying this I don’t live my life by signs, but rather trusting my rational and logical side, my intelligence, knowledge, thoughts, feelings and inner voice.

Still writing down my thoughts I was just half listening to the lyrics of the song as it was playing when the words “I won’t give up” penetrated through the busyness of trying to finish capturing my thoughts. Stopping I looked up the lyrics and listened to the song.

To say the least.  I won’t give up just yet.

Hair – Exile – Like Lovers Do in Naturals
Dress – AsHmOoT – AW Coll_Laura Dress White
Shoes – Yasum – Roman Raps w/ HUD

Window – Soy – Window [Here I am]
Flowers – Happy Mood – Sweet Garden Grass 06 Yellow

4 thoughts on “I won’t give up.

  1. purplebutterflylykin

    Hugs sis .. great song .. although steal my next blog song once more an I’m banning you from my ipod!! Laughs and set off to work on my next post with a NEW song :~

    1. purplebutterflylykin

      BTW .. never give up on love Sis .. its the only pure thing we ever get in this life and because of its special place in our life its never an easy road on that journey to holding it forever xx

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