The penthouse please.

Penthouse Please

The Cosmopolitan Room is celebrating a second anniversary and has some great bargains like this on the daring side little red dress that I couldn’t resist buying for very little lindens.  These heels made for slink feet that come in an assortment of colors for also a minimal amount.

Though I have to warn you ladies that you might get more than you bargained for.  I didn’t expect to be propositioned with an offer to get married and raise up 5 or 6 prim babies and live happily ever after.  Makes me kind of chuckle at the lines people use as a conversation starter today than lets say 20 years ago when I was more into the chat scene.  Though I must agree with his remarks.  If you can’t laugh at yourself and others in here, act silly and have a little fun and not take this too seriously, then don’t bother logging in.  I told him a simple hello still works and his response is that it might get you in the door, but after that you had better have game and be on your toes lest she lose interest.  I guess he makes a point as you know how finicky we women can be.  Plus it doesn’t hurt the ego when you’re complimented, even if I take those things with a grain of salt.

Taking a break from trying to decorate a new home I went to Collabor88 hoping it wouldn’t be so crowded to move around and shop freely.  It was better, though still fairly full and difficult to maneuver with the speed of my internet these days.  I found this luggage cart, which reminded me of this elevator prop and well it lead to doing this picture.

Happy Tuesday everyone.


Hair – Truth – Thalia in Blacks & Whites @ Mystic Realms Faire
Dress – Kaithleen’s Pawn Neckholder Mini Dress Red @ Cosmopolitan Room
Shoes – [hh]/Hilly Haalan – Noire Suede Heels Red @ Cosmopolitan Room

All Brown Vintage Bags/Luggage – Color.Me.H.O.F. {December 2012 Arcade}
Alyce Bench Leather Black – Trompe Loeil
Luggage Cart – Intrigue Co. @ Collabor88
The Ritz Elevator – comPOSEure {older item, not sure if available still}

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