The Ghost Whisper


I have never really gotten the fascination with Halloween and even today there isn’t much that I find appealing in it.  I will admit that it’s fun seeing the kids in their cute and fun costumes and I am referring to those adorable costumes like Raggedy Ann or Winnie the Pooh.  Because honestly, I find it a bit disconcerting to see children dressed in costumes that have blood or human parts hanging and are really quite frightful.  It’s stuff like this that makes me wonder at times if this is how we have become so desensitized as a nation.  That’s a whole other subject left for a rainy day.

Even with my apathetic nature towards Halloween in real life, it could sound a bit contradictory and hypocritical that I am about to show you a Halloween product.  We’re all adults here in this virtual world (or we should be!) and to each their own.  I have even found myself in the last two  years partaking in it by putting together some costume to wear around the grid, because I like to challenge myself with putting together something different so far removed from my real life. So if you’re one of those who like the fun and thrill of Halloween then check out one of the items that Aphrodite Shops has released for the birthday celebration at the Cosmopolitan Room.


This ghost whisper haunted living room set has quite a lot of animations in all the props you see in this picture, including my doll floating in the air.  It’s all spectacularly animated for your fun and enjoyment.


*The Ghost Whisper” Haunted Living Room Set – Aphrodite Shops @ Cosmopolitan Room
Hair – Soonsiki – Day Dreams @ Season’s Story
Necklace – Alienbear – 2009 Halloween Gift Back Necklace
Avatar – *COCO* – Doll Body
Head – *COCO* – Doll Heads {Group Gift}
Wings – *COCO* – Batwings {Gift}
Dress – Luas – Galadriel Dress Pales RARE @ Tales of Fantasy
*Edited – forgot to mention the cat is not part of the set.
*Review copies.

2 thoughts on “The Ghost Whisper

  1. purplebutterflylykin

    Ok sis being Australian I have to say that the whole Halloween thing kinda worse off quickly for me in SL. I’m all for the candy mind you!! But as an adult I can go buy my own and not have to walk the streets for it. WOOT benefit in age.

    As for the picture … that is just kinda well … creeeeeepy. Goes looking for a glittery princess outfit as a just in case, to wear for halloween.

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