It’s stuffy in here.


I’m in Florida and it’s high 80 degree weather so a fur coat with thigh  high boots isn’t on the radar any time soon.  That’s what makes it sort of fun to dress up in-world and this pumpkin colored coat seemed like the perfect thing to wear today.

Happy Friday!

Skin – Belleza – Ashley Glamour – FLF
Top – Molichino – Pug Coat Pumpkin – FLF
Bracelet – Mandala – Sankara Red
Boots – Bax – Regency Boots Black-Red Patent Leather

Pose: Henrietta by oOo Studios – FLF

Cigarette Machine – Seven Emporium
True Love Sign – Seven Emporium
Dancer Neon – Seven Emporium
Cold Beer – Seven Emporium – FLF
Tri Stool – Oyasumi – FLF

2 thoughts on “It’s stuffy in here.

  1. purplebutterflylykin

    I don’t know sis .. I go away for the weekend and you raid mom’s old trunk in the attic and start wearing it about on grid …..

    1. spunknbrains

      It’s vintage and in season.. and its comfy. I need to try my hand at the Halloween hats by Remarkable Oblivion.. the mystery one has little pumpkins that would match it. 😛

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