The comforts of home.

009 Bacherlor Pad

There is a new round at The Men’s Department that started yesterday and ARIA has released an entryway set.  It consists of the glass table pictured along with some of the decorative items like the books, vases and sea urchins, plus a pouf that is texture change.  The pouf also has some nice sits for both female and male and some cute auto-attach props that will have you looking active either texting, working or reading and a few more.  See credits below for the rest of the items.

It was some time after joining Second Life that I discovered that there was actual publications that brought you the latest on all the fashions and creations on the grid.  I found it amusing at the time even if I did admire the creative work that went into them.  Flipping through a few of them is also how I discovered many new stores I knew nothing about.  Well earlier this year I was asked by another friend if I wanted to write a story for SL Fierce Magazine and at first I wasn’t sure if it was something I wanted to do.

I accepted the assignment and wrote two articles on my interviews with some well known creators on the grid and another on the founding of the photography school Visionaire Institute.  Recently the Fall issue was published and my interview with the founder of the “Rock Your Rack” fundraiser that supports the work of the National Breast Cancer Foundation is included.

One day I’ll look back and smile fondly at these experiences.


*Blair Entryway Set – ARIA @ The Men’s Department
Attic Skybox – Trompe Loeil
Raffles Blue Oriental Arrangement – Patron
Raffles Ranger Planter – Patron
Lady Silver – The Loft
Glass Statute – My own creation.
Magazine Pile – MudHoney
Grace Rug – MudHoney
[Florian] Picture Frame – Ispachi
Grace Sofa Navy – MudHoney
Hand of a Master – MeadowWorks @ We ❤ Role-Play

*Review copy.

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