With a vengeance.


I’m thinking of my feisty 81 year old grandmother who killed a 4 foot snake in the garage with the end of a bat the other day when I wrote my title for this blog post.   She’s formidable and I hope that if I get to reach her age in this life time that I am just as gutsy as she is.  She did the dirty deed and I got to do clean up, picking up the still slithering snake and dump it into the lake behind the house.   You could say that’s one of the disadvantages of living in Florida and near water.   Not to mention impatient women who will take matters into their own hands when it comes to protecting their own.

I was contemplating earlier whether I missed blogging or not and it was sort of in the middle. When I think back on why I originally started to blog over a year ago it was just to use it as a vehicle to take up my interest in writing and also document my time in Second Life.  It was a novel idea, with no forethought as to what I would share — given that I rarely did much more than hang out at music venues and decorated a new house every few weeks with the occasional hanging out with a few friends.

Today, my inner circle of friends can be practically counted in one hand and honestly I prefer it this way.   Gone are the days of listening to music and actively exploring in Second Life.   It’s a toss up if those things would hold my interest again for long and yet they can be dumped into the cyclical category.  Though stepping away from SL even if just a few days both physically and mentally has helped me tremendously regain some perspective and given me the motivation to move forward once again.

With that said I’m showcasing here some stuff from the current round of events that are happening on the grid.  I’ve become quite a fanatic of these fantasy role-play outfits that perhaps I should consider taking up some kind of role-play.


Skin – New Faces – Dark Elf (Black) @ We ❤ Role-Play
Eyes – Angelica – Sparkling Eyes Deep Sea @ Xiasumi School Festival
Hair – Argrace – Urei in Blacks
Face Tattoo – +Nuuna+ – Fen Set
Headpiece – Keystone – Desire/Silver-Onyx
Collar – AME – Milya’appa Black Leather Collar Semi-RARE @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Top/Skirt/Shoulder Pads/Bracers – MUKA – Aura Black Set RARE @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Hands – Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands Elegant 1
Claws – Bliensen + MaiTai – Rawwr Claws @ We ❤ Role-Play
*Sword – Empyrean Forge – Allegiance Blade Black/Silver
Pose – The Warrior by RACK Poses
Location – Fallen Gods, Inc.
*Review copy {previously blogged}.

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