Capturing a wild boar.



Here lately I have been in a changeable mode.  Like last night I was just standing at my landing point and it struck me that I have spent more time on that spot than anywhere else inside or outside in any of the sitting spots throughout.  Within ten minutes I took down the house, furniture and all the landscaping.  Standing there in an almost empty flat land I was thinking what comes next and so I put down these woods to get some inspiration.   It didn’t ignite in me any ideas and quite frankly I’m thinking of just renting a space that gives you a small allowance of prim to use.  I have never gone homeless for very long and it makes me antsy not having a place to park myself or having somewhere to open purchases.  Maybe by the time my tier is up in a few days I’ll have decided on something.

I was wearing just the dress as I was still working through some of the items that I picked up at The Secret Affair event when it dawned on me to use the woods as the backdrop.  Combining items from several of the fantasy events and here I am ready to capture a wild boar.

Hair – [Entwined] – Arya in Blacks @ The Secret Affair
Tattoo – NOX. – Tottem Shadow [Black] @ The Secret Affair
Tattoo – [theSkinnery] – Wisdom Eye Makeup 2 @ The Secret Affair
Tattoo – Yumi Chiuh – Dirty Face
Eyes – {Song} – Yuki ~ Aqua Eyes @ Kustom9
Staff – FDD – GS Harvest Staff *Rowan-Soul Reaper* Moon RARE @ The Secret Affair
Staff – FDD – GS Harvest Staff *Rowan-Soul Reaper* Moon v2 @ The Secret Affair
Dress – Pure Poison – Luana Dress Brown @ The Secret Affair
Armor – Valentina E. – Tya Shoulder Armour & Waist Belt Gold @ The Secret Affair
Stole – Valentina E. – Tya Shoulder Stole Mink @ The Secret Affair
Leggings – KOSH – Cotton Leggings
Leg Harness – [Haste] – Nsia Leg Harness Nude @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Arm Harness – [Haste] – Nsia Arms Nude @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Boots – May’s Soul – Ranger Boots @ The Fantasy Room

Pose: Paladin Gacha – RACK Poses @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Enchanted Woods V2 – Skye Studio
Grass Field Green – We’re Closed
Boars – Hannah Kozlowski

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