Hunting turkey.

Indian Warrior

Not much hunting to do.  Since the 20-lb turkey was actually found sometime last week in the grocery store.  It was amusing in the aisle when you’re paying and people look into  your grocery cart and look amazed at the size of the turkey.  Yes, we’re feeding a small group… about 20 to be exact and not everyone eats turkey, so there’s a large ham too.  Bless my oldest sister who does all the planning and has her constantly changing lists and menus for most of our family gatherings weeks in advance.  Given that Thanksgiving is only a day away she will hit me with a reminder of what I’m supposed to be getting, making or what not before the end of the day.

Happy Wednesday!

Hair w/ Headdress – [taketomi] – Haiwee Blacks
Tattoo – Identity.Bodyshop – Orocum Face Painting
Tattoo – <Kun> – Lucas War Paint
Tattoo – Nox. – Toten Shadow [Yellow] @ The Secret Affair
Top – Footpaw Industries – Part of Brown Beaded Native Indian Outfit
Choker/Armbands – Footpaw Industries – Part of Brown Beaded Native Indian Outfit
Skirt – FDD GS – *Jassin* Fur Skirt Bear {gacha item}
Hands – SLink – AvEnhance Hands Relaxed
Shoes – RoawenWood – Winterlichen Leather Boots – Brown {25L Tuesday}
Staff – AF/AL – Shaman Feather Staff RARE @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Enchanted Tree Tunnel – Skye Studios
Mesh Foxes – Bad Katz Textures

Pose – Bauhaus Movement – Dancing Till Dawn

7 thoughts on “Hunting turkey.

    1. spunknbrains

      I have a large family.. and its six sisters and so we each have a turn at cooking the turkey. My year I brined my turkey. I’m not the best cook either.. can I take lessons?? 🙂

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