Complete Dining Sets


Aphrodite has come out with a new complete dining set that is quite a feast to the eyes.   The first picture is of the new table that was inspired by some of most popular traditional Arabian food.  The set includes animated chairs that are interactive for dining, eating, drinking and dispensing props like silverware for example.  The foods included are: falafels, hummus, baba ganoush, ghuzi, moroccan lentils soup, tabbouleh salad, Saudi Kabsa, Hummus Topped with chicken or lamb, pita and arabian breads, Kabsha, Bint as-Sahan, baklavas & jellab.  Pretty much everything you see pictured on the two tables is part of the set.  You can find a demo at the store and it can be purchased at the store or on marketplace.


Then I’m showing just partial of the Christmas Dining Set that has an abundance of holiday foods from appetizers, entrees and desserts. You can see one of the appetizers is the Snowman with the crackers.   What is very convenient is being able to rez items from the place mat giving each person their own choices.  The chairs are animated for eating, drinking, praying and more.  Lovely decorative pieces as shown in the picture.


First Picture ~
*”Middle Eastern Fest” Complete Dining Set – Aphrodite Shops
Jasmine Prefab – Scarlet Creative
Melie Candle – Crixus Domenici @ Marketplace
Yusuf Hassock – Crixus Domenici {modified to hang on wall & tinted }

Second Picture ~
*Christmas Dining Set” – Aphrodite Shops
Holiday Wreath – Dysfunctional Designs
Love Curtain Pane – Scarlet Creative {past Arcade item}

*Review copies.

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