The light during winter.

Aria Bed and Gacha Blog

If the Arcade alone was not like a candy overload on its own.  It’s now a new month and that means many events are opening.  FaMESHed started on the 1st and [ARIA] is offering the “Trieste” bed, which is available as a PG and Adult version and comes with three preset colors for the bedding.  It can sit up to two avatars and several animations that gives you rezzable/auto attachable props to make the experience enjoyable.   I always love the clear and clean textures and the details of the items that [ARIA] creates.  It always gives me that feeling of home.

Another event that is now open is The Men’s Department and [ARIA] has made the Emmanuel Winter Chic Gacha Set for this event. The chaise lounge has single and couple animations that also have rezzable/auto props. As always a few color choices for you to choose from.   There are six textures for the cushions, throw and accent cushions.  The rest of the set includes the snowflake decorative cushions by the bed, table with table top trees and the hanging snowflakes.  These items are transfer and modify and materials ready.

The rest of the items are all from this month’s Arcade round, see credits below.


* Triese Bed – [ARIA] @ FaMESHed
* Emmanuel Chaise Lounge RARE – [ARIA] @ The Mens Department
* Emmanuel Birch Snowflake RARE – [ARIA] @ The Mens Department
* Emmanuel Decorative Cushions – [ARIA] @ The Mens Department
* Emmanuel Side Table – [ARIA] @ The Mens Department
* Emmanuel Table Top Trees – [ARIA] @ The Mens Department

Lavender Brown House – Scarlet Creative
Ladders Lights RARE – Junk @ The Arcade
Granny’s Winter Cottage – Horsey Toy – 8f8 @ The Arcade
Winter Forest Frame – Hideki @ The Arcade
Logs Basket – Hideki @ The Arcade
House Lantern – Junk @ The Arcade
Fried Wild Berry “Drop Lamp Wall” – {anc} @ The Arcade
Winter Rug – Hideki @ The Arcade
[Cherished Moments] Paws & Claws RARE – Ispachi @ The Arcade

*Review  copies.

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