My winter dream.


I was short on time this morning, and was only able to post on Flickr before having to rush off for a morning meeting.  I have about fifteen minutes before I have to rush off again to meet a friend for lunch.  I figured that in that time I can get this done.  This is my first snow scene in Second Life all the while it’s only relatively cool with weather in the mid sixties today here in my real world as I type this.  It’s a small cold front we’re having as our normal weather is usually high seventies or low eighties.

When I thought of doing something snowy with the Christmas feel I thought of Norman Rockwell scenes.  I have always loved his work of portraying American life through his paintings.   I have been in Florida most of my life with only small stints of living in other parts of the US like a year in California and another year in Washington state.  The latter being where I experienced snow probably for the first time that I can remember when I was like seven years old.  Outside of that I have seen snow only on a few other occasions like in upstate New York while on a business trip and a family vacation in the mountains of Tennessee.

This would be my ideal snow scene.

Skin – Lumae – Star ~ Tone 5 – Caramel {Lazy Sunday}
Hair – Mina – Selenia Dark Brown @ The Arcade
Coat – COCO – Duffle Coat (Cyan) @ The Arcade
Boots – Baiastice – Gill Stretch Boots Knit Jacquard Cian @ The Arcade
Hands – SLink – AvEnhance Hands

The Dreamers Cottage RARE – Dust Bunny @ The Arcade
8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage Fire Wood @ The Arcade
8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Mailbox @ The Arcade
Apple Fall – Tabletop Tree @ The Arcade
Enchanted Woods – Skye Studio
Remarkable Oblivion – Holiday Spirit – Lantern Plain @ The Arcade
Ispachi [Cherished Moments] Huskies @ The Arcade
Snow Drifts – Skye Studio
Velocipede [Limited Edition] – .Shi & Vibe

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