I’ll take one of those.

I'll take one of those

Just one.  I rarely drink anymore at social events because sometimes all it takes is one glass of wine and I start to feel all warm and fuzzy.  I’m quite an innocent babe when it comes to drinking and smoking.  I have never drank a full beer.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever tried to taste another beer since that one partial taste that was bad enough.  I like white wine more so than red and tend to go for fruity ones.  I’m an amaretto/7 girl when it comes to anything more beyond wine.  I might take a taste of something stronger at say a family gathering, but that’s the extent.  Liquor and me just don’t jive.  If rolling a piece of paper sack as a cigarette counts as smoking.. then I had my first smoke when I was ten years of age and was being all cool with some neighborhood friends.  It must have cured me as I’ve never been inclined to take another try of the real thing.  The aura of cigarette smoke is just not very appealing to some of us.. a gentle nudge nudge.


1st outfit:
Hair – Truth – Feronia
Necklace & Hand – .aisling – Dame des Fleurs {gacha} @ Tales of Fantasy
Dress – Hucci – Jinxi Gown Royal Blue @ Uber

2nd outfit:
Hair – Milk – Winx {store is now Soonsiki}
Dress – May’s Soul – Red Dress {August 2014 Fantasy Gacha item}

Ribald Butler – Cupbearer – Mutresse @ The Arcade
Ribald Butler – Mr. Selfie Rare – Mutresse @ The Arcade
Classic Manor White Rare – RageWorks @ The Arcade
Soiree Table – Tres Blah @ The Arcade
Model of the Berrylife Rare – {anc} @ The Arcade
Christmas Tree – Dysfunctional Designs
Peace Letters – Trompe Loeil @ The Arcade
Snowflake Deco – Trompe Loeil @ The Arcade

Pose 1:  Hurry Up Male by Del May {Modified with Animare HUD}
Pose 2: Seek by Del May


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