The Christmas Blues.

Blue Christmas 2

Decorating the Christmas tree is almost a tradition in my family.  It’s one of these 7-foot round artificial fir trees that my mother has had for almost 20 years.  Surprisingly, for it’s age it still looks rather good and while we look each year for a new one they never seem to measure up.  The color scheme is usually decided upon months in advance and when it’s time to decorate it all my sisters and my mother get together to do it.
This year the tree is a country theme and has ornaments that have been collected over the years and then each year that collection grows as we all contribute as we find things throughout our shopping excursions. This silver and blue color scheme in my picture is one we did in 2012, so it was kind of fun doing something similar with this new foyer mini set that [ARIA] has created for the Sou( event that opens in a few days on December 20th.   The set consists of the jar with the birch branch, decorative cushions in which the two cushion pile has six fabric choices and the single cushion has three.   The bench comes with six fabric choices and loaded with single and couple animations.
All items are listed below.
*Piper Foyer Mini Set by [ARIA] @ Sou ( **SOON** Opens December 20th
House – RageWorks – Classic Manor White Rare @ The Arcade
Christmas Tree – Dysfunctional Designs
Gift Boxes – Barnesworth Anubis
Tripod Floor Lamp – 22769 {Advent gift}
*”Winter Grove” Poinsettia Wreath Icy Winter – [CIRCA] {Advent item}
Hot Chocolate Cup – Breno @ The Liaison Collaborative
Alex Books – MudHoney @ The Liaison Collaborative
*”Twilight Forest” Area Rug – Winter Silver – [CIRCA]
*Review copies.

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