Walking down the snowy path.


I tried playing with shadows again even changing my settings and all it produced was frustration when I crashed every time I hit the save button.  Finally, I just settled on using a texture as the background and went with it.  The other thing I am noticing is that I’m losing some resolution in photos, but before I start thinking of buying a new computer I switched from using the jpeg format to the png.  The pictures come out slightly larger though it did make a difference.  These are just items from some of the fantasy role-play events that are happening on the grid.
Skin – Flounce – Isis @ Genre
Hair – EMO-tions – Semiramis
Crown – FDD Creations – Heiress of Throne Crown Ultra @ Tales of Fantasy
Shoulder – Axix – Savel Shoulders Black & Gold @ Tales of Fantasy
Top,  Pendant, Bangles & Bracelets – Luas – Lavendar Accessories Rare @ Tales of Fantasy
Skirt – Luas – Lavender Skirt Black @ Tales of Fantasy
Orbit – Zibska – Dalliance ~ Orbit @ We ❤ Role-Play
Body Chain – [LF] – Upper Body Chain Gold @ We ❤ Role-Play
Snow Cane – Una – Snow Cane @ Tales of Fantasy
Nails/Glaw – Zibska – Glaw @ Tales of Fantasy
Edited to include poses.
Pose 1: Still Life by Ma Vie
Pose 2: Murmurs & Rumors by Double Take

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