Aphrodite Shop helps you Celebrate the New Year!


I hope that everyone had a fantastic Christmas.  Just one more day and this year comes to a close and Aphrodite Shops has some wonderful things that can help you celebrate the New Year with your significant other, family and friends in-world.

The first couple of pictures shows the new romantic candlelight New Year’s Eve dinner table for couples that rezzes a 5-step menu for your dinner from a starter to dessert and drinks.   The seats come with animations for sitting and eating.


The next two pictures are of the 2015 Mega Party Set to also help you bring in the New Year.  The set comes with fireworks, color changing arches and tables.  Great sushi platters, a champagne fountain, sweets, balloons, party hats and several other fun things for you to enjoy.

004 NY Aphrodite2

I want to take this time to thank each and everyone of you that have followed my blog this year.  It’s been a great journey for me on many levels.  I have truly enjoyed taking pictures and watching my own growth in not only taking the photos, creating scenes and also editing.  It has sometimes been a tool to sound off when I have had ups and downs in my life and for that I apologize and also thank you for putting up with it.


I have sort of stepped away from my Second Life and readjusting priorities and finding and reconnecting with friends and old interests.   For now this is not a goodbye as time permits I still plan to go in-world to catch up with people that I have come to call family and friends and also to honor my commitment to those creators who allowed me to showcase their products and possibly other items as well.   In the next day or so I will be showcasing some new furniture items.

In the meantime wishing you and yours a Happy New Year!!!

Featured items:

*New Romantic Candlelight Dinner Set – Aphrodite Shops
*New Year 2015 Mega Party Set – Aphrodite Shops

*Review copies.


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