Avatar in a Box Challenge

Avatar in a Box Challenge

A few days ago while going through and clearing out inactive blogs from my reader list and also reading new posts I saw the “Avatar in a Box” challenge at Pics by Peeps blog.  The originator of the challenge is Vanessa Blaylock, and if you visit her blog you can read further about her concept with this challenge.  The idea is pretty simple in that you are to creatively arrange yourself in a box. After viewing a few more entries it made me recall a picture that I took back in February 2012 with the words avatar in a box directly on the box itself.  The picture was taken at an event that was decorated a bit grungy.  I was touched by how the mattress laying against the building near a trash pile resembled the state of homelessness, a very common situation that unfortunately continues to exist in our world today.

No credits as this is just my participation in this challenge.

10 thoughts on “Avatar in a Box Challenge

      1. spunknbrains

        hahaha.. then I’m doing alright!! 🙂 Happy New Year Vanessa! Looking forward to future challenges. 🙂

      2. aww, yay, Happy 2015 2U2!! If you ever do pop in in-world, be sure to say Hi! And friend me! I’m VanEEEsa Blaylock in-world.

        And yessy, it’ll be interesting to see what you think of this Friday’s “Role Reversal” challenge! (whatever the emoticon for “evil grin” is)

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