Winter Home Retreat

007 The Den

I hope everyone had a fantastic time bringing in the New Year and hopefully still enjoying some down time.   Mine was great and I have a few more days before having to haul myself back to work and everything once again returns to a bit of normalcy.  Even though the Christmas holiday is pretty much over the winter months are not gone and what a perfect way to settle down here in your Second Life then perhaps getting away to a comfy little retreat home, which I am featuring today.


This is a lovely open space 15 x 15 mesh home made by The [Den.] with a land impact of 35 that comes with a built in fireplace and chandelier.  It is now available for purchase at this month’s round of Uber where you’re bound to find some other fabulous stuff.


My first two pictures show it as I envisioned it decorated for myself though with this big of space the possibilities are endless.  The last two pictures are just two close ups showing the building by itself.



*North Woods Retreat – The [Den.] @ Uber
Foundry Hammock – Scarlet Creative
Winter Larch Trees – 3D Trees
Snow Drifts – Skye Studio
Deer – Hannah Kozlowski
Rustic Water Pump & Bucket – Dysfunctional Designs
Victorian Snow Plow – Pilot
Snowy Logs – Hideki
Sledge/Natural – Vespertine {Dec 2014 Arcade}
Sled with Logs – Pixel Mode
Lumberjack’s Table – Dustbunny {Dec 2014 Arcade}
Drafting Table – Vespertine {Dec 2014 Arcade}
The Winter Gacha 6 – Haikei @ Kustom9
Static Squirrels with Nuts & Sounds – Sweet Revolutions
*Ophelia Sofa & Armchair – [ARIA] @ Uber
Firewood Holder – Junk
NOEL: Feather Table/ Cocoa – {anc} @ The Liaison Collaborative
NOEL: Tears Tree/ RARE – {anc} @ The Liaison Collaborative
Winter Rustic Chalkboard – [][]bh[][]/Beach Street @ Liaison Collaborative
Monogram Window Art D, & A – [Commoner] {Dec 2014 Arcade}
The Winter Cabin Gacha 4 – Haikei @ Kustom9
Lumberjack’s Axe – Dustbunny @ No21
Teapot Wind Chimes – Dustbunny @ No21
Animal Rug – Junk
The Winter Gacha 2 – Haikei @ Kustom9
Vintage Frames – Dustbunny @ No21
NOEL: Frilled Furrug Cocoa – {anc} @ The Liaison Collaborative
The Winter Gacha 8 – Haikei @ Kustom9
Cookie Box – Oyasumi
Twingle Twigs – Dustbunny {Dec 2014 Arcade}
Desk Clock – Pixel Mode {Dec 2014 Arcade}
Crane in a Bottle Yellow – Attic @ Kustom9
Fireside Chairs Throw Dark – Junk
Winter Bulbs – Dustbunny – {Dec 2014 Arcade}
Traveler’s Table – Dustbunny @ No21*Review copies.

++Edited to include name of creator in post and error in events.  My apologies!

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