I’ve never been particularly attracted to to the whole wearing of horns even though I’ve seen some pretty cool outfits people have put together using them.  It’s just never been my thing.  Except I’m in the mood lately for trying and doing new things and that extends even to my involvement here in Second Life.

Since these horns are the kind of horns that is typical to the ones on the ram that symbolizes the Aries astrological sign I thought these were perfect since I’m of that sign. Then I just love it when things come together.  I got to do 30L Saturday on Friday as the list was out and minus one or two stores most had their items out.   These rams you see in the background as well as the weeping willow tress and log pile are part of the items this week and well that is how easy sometimes my pictures come together.

My in-world sister the other day asked me the question if I was coming back since I was telling her that I was going to make a list of all the things I haven’t done in-world and start checking them off.  I know it could be said that I am inconsistent saying that I’m stepping away and now coming in more regularly again.  As I told her I have no thoughts about it.  I just pop in when I feel like it.  I feel good about cutting back on the amount of time I was spending and really more accurate to say I felt that it was time to get out of this hermit stage I put myself in.

Even though in the last few days I have also reached an understanding of why I lost interest in the first place.  It wasn’t for the right reasons.  Plainly I still have to say that spending less time here is good.  I have come to view it as a positive sign of change.

By the way I was jesting to her on that list.

Have a great Saturday!

Skin – Essences – [Alice02] Mediom01 *brunette* @ The Dressing Room Fusion
Hair – Little Bones – Haute @ The Secret Affair
Nose Strap – Tabou Irresistible – Nose Strap Rust V1 @ Oh My Gacha
Horns – [CX] – Hundred Chain Horns @ Uber
Dress – Peqe – Olwen Yellow @ The Secret Affair
Tattoo – .Things. – Amore Fidelis Tattoo

Trees – Sweet Revolutions – Weeping Willow @ 30L Saturday
Animals – Moon Sha – Verr Scene @ 30L Saturday
Logs – Moon Sha – Woodcutters Pile Wood @ 30L Saturday
Grass – [We’re CLOSED] – Grass Field Green
Grass Flowers – Happy Mood – Sweet Garden Grass

Pose: [posetivity] – Kiki Set


3 thoughts on “Ram…bunctious.

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  2. purplebutterflylykin

    Chuckles and re-checks that list … okay so do I start now passing you landmarks to start ticking those things off ?????

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