Tease Stilettos for Upcoming 21Shoe

0062 (2)

Just a few more days and the next round of 21Shoes is here.  Here is a preview of one of the pair of shoes that will be available this month during the 24-hours the event takes place.  The stilettos are from Sax Shepherd Designs who is offering these shoes in two exclusive colors. In Temptation Blue and Nude Rose for a great price of only $299.  They will be available only during the 24-hours the event is held and never to be sold again.

The shoes come with a HUD so that you can select either color and the different mix and match jewel options.  The tease stilettos are made to fit with the SLink high avatar enhancement foot. You can visit the website 21Shoe to see the gallery of other shoes that will be sold this month.  All shoes can be found at the individual stores and you can find the slurls on the website.
*Tease Stilettos Set – Sax Shepherd Designs for **January 2015 21Shoe Event**
Feet – SLink – Avatar Enhancement Feet High

Pose:  2012 Cleanup Pack by Manifeste


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