The comforts of a home.


The newest round of N21 is here and I am featuring a couple of items that can be found there. The first is the newest living set by [Aria] called the Delilah and consists of the sofa with decorative pillows, ottoman and throw, decorative vases with poppies, canvas pile and the birch trio.  For this exclusive round [ARIA] has made three exclusive upholstery textures and can be purchased as either pg or adult version.

The Den 1

The next few pictures is showing the newest home by The [Den.] that can be found also at N21. The Riverview is a 54x32x12m mesh home with a land impact of only 95.

The Den 2

I took pictures from two sides of the house to give you a glimpse of how it looks from the outside and the next two pictures shows you a view of the inside downstairs.

The Den 3

As you can see it is very spacious, which means you can move freely without bumping into things or people.  You can check it out for yourself at the event.

The Den 4

*Delilah Living Set {Sofa w/ pillows ottoman w/ throw, group vases, canvases and birch trio} by [ARIA] @ N21
*Riverview Home – The [Den.] Residential @ N21
Art Deco Brown & Blue Rug – Dutchie
Birds on A Wing Tapestry – Primvision {old item in inventory}
Art Easel – PhotoLIFE {old item in inventory}
Aspen Trees – Botanical
Hedges – Static Forge

*Review copies.

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