Valentines Market @ Aphrodite Shops

Valentines @ Aphrodite

Valentines Day is only a little over two weeks away and Aphrodite Shops has a mega load of things to help you celebrate this day with family, friends and of course that special someone in your life.  I am showing some of the tables of food and dessert that Jaylin and Marina have released for this occasion.   There is a mega set that is at 25% discount that includes everything that is pictured and a whole lot more as well.  Though if you want something a little smaller, you can buy either the salad table or the sweets table or both separately.

You can find everything at the Valentines Market at Aphrodite Shops.

*Valentines Mega Set, Salad Table & Desserts Table by Aphrodite Shops  

Market Place Links:
Mega Set
Salad Table
Sweet Table

Edited to include link to video:  Valentines Set at Aphrodite Shops

*Review copies.


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