Swinging it.

Aphrodite Swing 2

I was immediately drawn to the colors and design on this single and couples swing that Aphrodite Shops has available at their Valentines Market.   It’s loaded with about 80 animations for single and couples, some are for activities or just sitting and relaxing.  The other great thing about this swing its very low land impact of 4.  The single activity animations are for like reading, writing on a diary, drawing or using either the cell phone or a tablet.  Plus another menu for relaxing sits, like the one I am using in the picture above.

Aphrodite Swing

I dusted off my male alt and took him hunting before prepping him for this picture.  The couples menu has activities you can do together such as drinking coffee or wine.  It comes loaded with some nice sweet and tender animations for spending time together like the one showed above. Though this swing is an adult version so it also comes packed with some steamy hot animations. The swing does swing and stop on touch and is made to hang outdoors from a porch or a tree or another surface that you might think of.  You can watch a video of the swing here.

The sweaters we are wearing are from the Men Only Hunt that runs only until the end of the month. While most of the items are for men, there were a few items like this sweater that included a female version as well.  You have a couple of days if you want to grab it.  The other thing that I was really surprised, though pleased to discover, was that this hair from Exile at this month’s round of Collabor88 was only 88L for each color pack.  What a bargain!


Hair – Exile – Windsong @ Collabor88
Sweater – ::K:: – Aran Knit Femme Red @ MOH5 Hunt
Jeans – Bueno – Skinny Jeans Steel @ Kustom9
Legwarmers – Orsini Red – Stolen Dance Legwarmers Red @ The Cosmopolitan Room
Hands & Feet – SLink – Avatar Enhancement Hands Relaxed & Feet
On Him:
Hair – Redgrave – Jacob Black
Sweater – ::K:: – Aran Knit Homme Red @ MOH5 Hunt
Glasses – Adjunct – Readers Black @ MOH5 Hunt
Jeans – Razor – Jaw Breaker Grunge Jeans

*Valentines Couple Swing – Aphrodite Shops
Banyan Tree – 3D Trees
Cattails – Botanical
Wild Flowers – We’re Closed
Marsh Plant – 3D Trees
Pond Style Dragonfly – Botanical
Waterlily Clusters – Botanical

*Review copies.


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