Skybox Living

The Den Skybox

Showing the newest home by The [Den.] that is available at the current round of the Cosmopolitan Room.   The Historic Skybox is full mesh that has a long wide open living space that  has enough room to use for a living room and a kitchen if you so desire.  The skybox also has two additional rooms and comes in two versions.  One version comes with a room that has a marble floor in the event that you want to make the room a bathroom and the second version comes with the wood floor if you just seek to make it another room like an office or bedroom.

The Den Skybox2

I really like the tall windows that come with the skybox, so it allows for a view if you want to place it inside a dome or just leave it open and decorate it as I did with shrubs and grass.  The size is 12x15x5 with a land impact of 41, it is mod and copy.

*Historic Skybox – The [Den.] @ The Cosmopolitan Room
Cover Poster RARE – [LeeZu!]
Vanite Bird Cage – Atelier Visconti
Interior Plant – Apple Fall
Ophelia Rug, Floor Light, Coffee Table, Decorative Books & Steel Balls – [ARIA]
Fall Wingback Chair – Apple Fall
Raw Desk – Apple Fall
iFall (Early 2014) Media Edition – Apple Fall
Taylor Rug Greige – The Loft
Bacall Bowl of Roses Peach – The Loft
Arizona Dining Deco Vase – Bazar
Lydia Sofa, Decorative Book Pile, Knit Figurine – [ARIA]
Pear Trinket Box – The Loft @ FaMESHed
Maurice Side Table – Lisp
Bacall Accessory Tray – The Loft
Dunham Plant – The Loft
Blair Decorative 3D and – [ARIA]
Winner Trophies – Apple Fall
Framed Picture #2 – [kunst]
Urne De Terra Cuite – Apple Fall
Huge Fan Palm – Apple Fall
Shrubs & Sweet Garden Grass – Happy Mood

*Review copy.

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