Yesterday my day was overly intense with having to get an MRI first thing in the morning.  For those who might not know what an MRI is, it stands for magnetic resonance imaging and its basically a test that produces detailed images of your tissues, bone and internal body.  The reason being is that in the latter part of 2013 I began to have some health issues that indicated I was following on the heels of my sister who was diagnosed and treated for cancer. I am all sorts of thankful that after my second minor surgical procedure I came out in the clear and this imaging procedure was a precautionary measure as part of my follow-up to ensure that everything continues to be normal and there is no out of control cells rearing their ugly heads again. For some reason other than I am quite forgetful sometimes I didn’t recall that this test required having an IV needle. That was a stinker.

Then I’m not sure I would consider myself to be full on claustrophobic though asking me to lay inside a tube with very little light pouring through, only if you threw your head back far enough to see the opening, for two hours and told try not to move, hold your breath, now breath is enough to get you off kilter. I’ve been here before.  I can do this. I had to do that kind of self talk to tell the technician to keep going as I held tight to the little squeeze tube in case you need them to stop all the while listening to the country music playing through the headset they give you so the noise from the machine doesn’t drive you even more nuts. I survived my morning. I picked country over the rock station only because I wasn’t sure that rock would rock my nerves even further.

My afternoon was just as stressful if perhaps not as intense, but after a long day I felt the need for some tranquility during my evening.  I opened more boxes from my trip to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and here I am showing my body as if it weren’t enough my real body got scanned enough.

Hair – Olive – The Ivy II Hair Noir @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Collar & Necklace – .aisling – Dangara Collar & Necklace Rare @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Tiara & Earrings – .aisling – Dangara Tiara & Earrings Rare @ The Fantasy Gacha
Bra & Veil – .aisling – Dangara Bra & Veil Aqua @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Skirt & Panties – .aisling – Dangara Skirt & Panties @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Kimono – Foxes – Spiritualist Kimono Tranquil @ N021 EventScene:
Garden Tree 06 – Happy Mood
Sweet Garden Grass 07 – Happy Mood
Sweet Garden Grass 05 Yellow Green – Happy Mood
Sweet Garden Grass 06 Yellow – Happy Mood
Great Mossy Rock of Dingo – We’re Closed

Pose: Jenifer Pose 2 by Deesselle Destiny

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