The years gone by.

The years gone by 001-1

Sometimes I long for what is familiar.  I remember visiting my paternal grandmother’s wooden frame home back when I was a child.  They lived in a small town in Washington state, a population that at the 2010 census was just under 11,000.  My grandmother was one of those stern, independent maternal types, who was also a bit of a hell raiser too.  She loved antiques and her home was filled in every corner with furniture and decorative pieces that sat atop these lace dollies.   I remember antique curios full of china, colorful glass ornaments and vases and everything of value to her.  It wasn’t a big house by today’s standards, but it was big in my eyes then and it had character.   One of the fondest memories that me and my older siblings have is that she always sent us care packages full of clothes and toys and when she visited she always came calling with these big old trunks full of gifts.  My dad was sort of her favorite and well we got the benefits of that favoritism.

She’s been long gone.  The last time I visited that area and her original home was some eight years ago while on a business trip to Seattle and I took a few extra days to visit with family.  My aunt now lives in that home and while her taste in decor isn’t of the same caliber or charm.. it still held the that old familiar smell of years gone by.

Spargelton Veranda Cottage – Spargel & Shine Homes
[Ossory] Cabinet, Basic Plates & Bowls, Tea Caddy, Candle Holder, Wooden Craft Dog  – Ispachi
Hanging Crate Light – Floorplan {House Hunt- Now over}
Book Shelf, Roses Jug, Patchwork Rug, Dolly Piano, Ulyssess Butterfly – Apple Fall {past gacha at The Chapter Four}
Wire Basket & Vase with Pinecones – Cheeky Pea {House Hunt – Now over} {modified from item}
Print Roll Screens – {anc} @ Shiny Shabby
Little White Cabinet Books, Pillow Chair Cow, Walking Sticks Rose – Junk @ Shiny Shabby
Hallway Rug, Shabby Daybed Rare, Shabby Table, Closet & Morning Coffee – Hideki @ Shiny Shabby
Garden Whitebook – {anc} @ The Arcade
Garden Craft – {anc} @ The Arcade
Decorative Pitcher – GA Home @ Shiny Shabby
Brass Hour Glass – Fancy Decor

6 thoughts on “The years gone by.

    1. spunknbrains

      Mine had dollies over the sofa too!! I always thought her home was so fancy.. she had those queen anne sofas and chairs and tiffany like lamps. 🙂

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