Don’t let me be led astray.

I'm gonna stop this habit 014-1

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in a meme that fellow blogger Strawberry does every week on Mondays.  The one for this week caught my attention and I’ve been meaning to do it and well it’s now Friday. No time like the present.   The meme is transforming your avatar completely so friends wouldn’t recognize you.  There is a rule that you shouldn’t change your gender or species though it’s not being strictly adhered to.

Since joining Second Life my avatar has always been tall, topping close to the 7 feet/2.3 meters based on the height scale when you edit your shape.  I used to get told in local or people would instant message me and call me an amazon.  I would just look down at them and smile.  So for this challenge I thought that I would go down a few notches and look up at people for a change.  To complete this transformation I also decided to go with a much lighter skin, don a cigarette and wear a tattoo by the creator of Things, called “The Force” that will be at the next round of anyBODY that begins on March 7th.

To participate in this meme the instructions are the following: Transform your avatar completely so that even your friends wouldn’t recognize you. Don’t forget to share the link to your image in the comments and add your pictures to the Blog Memes flickr group.

Is this short smoking redhead girl recognizable to you?

Body – Maitreya – Lara V2.1
Shape – Belissima – Cassiopeia
Skin – [the Skinnery] – Cristy 3 (champagne) @ The Arcade
Hair – D!va – Bambi in Garnet {group gift}
Top – Faun – Cuffed Crop Top White
Shorts – Blueberry – Ripped Denim Shorts @ Uber
*Tattoo – Things – The Force Tattoo {for Slink, Belleza Body, Omega, TMP Body} @ Anybody ***starts March 7th***
Shoes – Cold Ambitionz – Unisex High Top Chucks Pure
Cigarette – Chichi of London – ‘the executive” cigarette w/ smoke {older item}

Laundry Set Gacha Items by Oyasumi @ The Arcade
-Laundromat Rare
-Laundry Machine Green Rare
-Soap Dispenser
-Laundry Bench/Y&B
-Garbage Can
-Metal Cart
-No Smoking Sign
-Laundry Table
-Laundry Basket/Cloth
-Change Machine
-Laundry Detergent
Folded Towels – Surge

Poses: F*S Set by Bounce This Poses

*Review copy.

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