Has anyone seen my big bad wolf?

“Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is.” ~ German Proverb

Beware of the wolf 025-22

I’m at my work desk taking a small break to write this post and moving to the song “Demons” by Imagine Dragons as I had just finished reading a fellow bloggers post, which contained the video to this song.  I love the tune of that song and another great tune that I favor these days is “Take me to Church” by Hozier.   They just suit the mood lately and I’m a sort of laughing right now as I realize the coincidental pairing of both titles.

Maybe I’ll just leave this with a quote…. “Throw me to the wolves, and I’ll return leading the pack.”  

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!

Shawl – The Secret Store – Winter Shawl-Straight Bangs Snow {Dec. 2014 Arcade} {Tinted Shawl}
Hood – Wimey – Little Red’s Hood UltraRare @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival {Over March 15th}
Dress – Wimey – Little Red’s Dress Rare @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival {Over March 15th}

4 Season Big Ash Tree – Sweet Revolutions
4 Season Short & Long Grass – Sweet Revolutions
4 Season Forest Ferns – Sweet Revolutions
4 Season Shrubs V.02 – Sweet Revolutions
Wolf – Just Animals/Hannah Kozlowski
The Apple Basket & Apples – [noctis] @ We ❤ Role-Play

Pose: We Be Friends by EinK {Half of Pose}

4 thoughts on “Has anyone seen my big bad wolf?

  1. purplebutterflylykin

    Love the quotes sis and those song’s are on my top 10 at the moment too.

    BTW, you know that wolf is checking out your juicy …. apples.

    Your putting vet’s out of work because with all that drool, he won’t get any tooth decay 😀

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