Shot Through The Heart.

Shot Thru the Heart 036

Shot through the heart is what it felt like when his hand was placed behind the back of my head pulling me forward and he gave me a long deep meaningful kiss and he said those three powerful words…. sighs softly and shakes herself out of the memory.

Body – Maitreya – Lara V2.1
Skin – Lumae – Beth Tone 6 Cookie
Hair – Blues – Minky in Night {just passed Fantasy Gacha Carnival}
Top – Tres Blah – Angora Sweater Read @ Collabor88
Skirt – Bueno – Denim Skirts Black @ Collabor88
Shoes – Pure Poison – Simple Flats Black

Hudson Townhouse – Scarlet Creative
Banana Tree – Apple Fall
Rose [Bronze} Frame – Pilot @ Collabor88
Chevron Sideboard – Floorplan @ Collabor88
Shot Through The Heart – Floorplan
Branch Light – Consignment & Floorplan
Romantic Candlesticks [Gold] – Pilot
Leaning Lamp – Floorplan @ Collabor88
Heart Pallet – A.D.D. Andel
Writer’s Desk Blue – Floorplan  {just passed Shiny Shabby}
Woven Rug – Consignment & Floorplan
Old Radiator – Junk
Rose in a Bottle – Consignment & Floorplan
Rose in Vase PInk – Consignment
Bean Bag Chair (pillow) Cognac – Consignment & Floorplan
Unstrung Classic Guitar – Seven Emporium
Carriage Clock – Cozy Essentials

10 thoughts on “Shot Through The Heart.

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      1. spunknbrains

        See what happens when I stay up late and attempt to post… my mind turns to mush… though it was one of those it hurts so good moments. By the way.. now you’re just bragging. 😛

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