Let the magic sweep you away.

The magical ride 011-1

I’m having a late lunch at my desk having spent a good portion of my morning on the phone.  No worries about crumbs on this post, as that part of lunch is long over and I’m just sipping on a tropical mango smoothie as I sit here typing this and flipping through the news.   I’m giggling at the story of the Frenchman who was attempting to smuggle his new Russian bride, who didn’t have the proper visa into Europe in a suitcase a couple days ago.

Maybe he ought to get a magic carpet and sweep her away instead.  It’s bound to be a bit more comfortable than having all your limbs scrunched to fit into a compact space.

Some people call it an act of stupidity and others call it an act of love.  What do you think?

Hair – Exile – Blown Away
Eyemask – .:(( :p )):./dyed:peony – Sakura Eyemask @ Origami
Crown – Enfant Terrible – Magic Ride Crown Gold Rare @ The Arcade
Horns – Ayakashi Yokocho – Komachi Sakura Horn @ Origami
Flower – Enfant Terrible – Magic Ride Headflower Red @ The Arcade
Chain – Enfant Terrible – Magic Ride Coinchain Gold @ The Arcade
Necklace – Enfant Terrible – Magic Ride Necklace Gold @ The Arcade
Belt – Enfant Terrible – Magic Ride Belt Gold Rare @ The Arcade
Dress – Enfant Terrible – Magic Ride Necklace Gold @ The Arcade

Nebel/Fog White – Sweet Revolutions
Nebel/Fog Rainbow – Sweet Revolutions
South Asia Wall Section – The Muses
Magic Ride Carpet Red – Enfant Terrible @ The Arcade

Pose: Meek by NRage

3 thoughts on “Let the magic sweep you away.

    1. spunknbrains

      Thanks Cougar!! I’m just having fun.. and even though it’s more skin than I’m used to showing… the fantasy stuff coming out is so enticing!!

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