Georgia on my mind.

Aria-MeshedUp 020-1

A couple of new rounds of ongoing events opened today.   [ARIA] brings you this Georgia picnic set that includes the tent, apple pie, cushions, sandwich stand and blanket along with the tulips.  The blanket has animations for single and couples with attachable props.  As always with Aria’s products you get the choice of a few textures on items and I’m showing you a few here.  Lovely colors to set up your own dreamy picnic.  You can find the picnic set at Shiny Shabby.

The next item I am showing is the Gainsborough Hat that [MeshedUp] created for this round of The Fantasy Collective.  It’s a sweet hat with a tiny jeweled spider in front.   I thought it just perfect to keep the sun out of my eyes while I had my picnic.  I got a little curious on the name as it tickled my memory somewhat and so I looked it up in Google.  Come to find out that the name of the hat came from an English painter Thomas Gainsborough, who was the royal family’s favorite portrait artist.   He painted Georgiana, the Duchess of Devonshire, wearing a hat designed by her that became so popular that many ladies later requested to be painted by him wearing such hats.  Though the style of the hat back in the 18th century was a bit more outlandish, being much bigger with lots more plumes compared to this smaller one.

Quite a good fit to wear the hat that Georgiana made popular while having a picnic with the Georgia set.

Hair – !Soul – Pansy
*Hat – [MeshedUp] – Gainsborough Hat Pink @ The Fantasy Collective
Dress – Pixie Cat – Wonderland Dress Pink @ The Arcade

*Georgia Picnic Set by [ARIA] @ Shiny Shabby
-Tent, Apple Pie, Decorative Cushions, Tea Sandwich Stand, Blanket and Tulip Bouquet
Shrub Pink – Happy Mood
Grass – Fanatik Architecture {Group Gift}

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