Boot scootin’ boogie.

Lets get the party started 032

We’re all waiting for the bride and groom to show up.  My sissy is getting married… again.  Chuckles… she might disinherit me for that comment, though isn’t this what siblings do?  Poke fun.  So what if you’ve only done this… a few couple times.  

Well someone has to get the party started!

Except reality is that time zones are a hindrance… and the wedding took place in the wee hours of the morning while my head still knew the softness of my pillows.

Congrats on your wedding sis!!!  I know you’ve been waiting for this day since forever and all joking aside I’m happy for you.  May he make your Second Life total bliss…fulfilling all your dreams…  well you get the drift. 😛

Hair – Lamb – Stranger @ No21
Dress – D R O P – Linen Dress (Soda) @ Shiny Shabby
Socks – Maitreya – Dahlia Socks
Boots – Reign – Nashville Boots

Pose: Free Spirit by Vibe

4 thoughts on “Boot scootin’ boogie.

    1. spunknbrains

      Returns in her best country girl accent.. only if you know how to do the two-step… chuckles. Yeah, she’s over the moon. 🙂

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