Nursery Room Set

Baby Room 088

Aphrodite Shops/Heart Homes has released a whole nursery set with an owl theme.  It comes with about 147 animations, props and scenes for the total family experience.  Below under credits is the link to watch the video on some of the animations you will find with this set.

Baby Room 089

You can find it exclusively at the Room69 event.  The set can be purchases as a whole at a 30% savings or individual items can also be purchased as well.  The land impact for the whole set is around 50.

Babies 082

I had a funny moment being a little confused even though it was more like having a temporary brain freeze or loss of memory when I was trying out the chair and it asked what type of baby you had.  You get to choose a prim or avatar. I choose twins (not on the menu).

*Complete “My Sweet Baby Owl” Nursery Room Set by Aphrodite Shops/Heart Homes @ Room69
*Curtains – [ARIA] – Delilah Curtain {part of Delilah Living Set} {previously blogged}


More info and pictures:

*Review copies.

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