Come back kitty.

Kitty 079

This is what kids do… don’t they?

Hair – Love Soul – Hair *148* Jet Black
*Complete Outfit – GPDKIDS – The Good Witch @ All The Little Things **Starts April 5th***
– Outfit comes with backpack, hat (on cat), shoes, wand and necklace.

Baby Duck Toy, Mr. Spring Toy – NOMAD @ The Arcade
Raincloud Light & Kicked Rug – Tarte @ The Arcade
Toy Chest, Yo-yo & Duckies – BoOgErS @ The Arcade
Delilah Chair Pink – Dust Bunny @ The Arcade
Plushie Pals: Flight the Dragonfly Rare, Axel the Ant, Chester the Cricket, Marty the Fly, Wigglesworth the Worm – Intrigue Co. @ The Arcade
Start of Fame/Best Daughter – Commoner @ The Arcade
Kitty Computer – Dust Bunny @ Kawaii Project
Round Desk White – Dust Bunny @ Kawaii Project
Fairy Curtain –+Half-Deer+
Black Cat – Tidbits {old store gift}

Pose: Cute Summer Set by Kirin

*Review copy.

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